Legend’s Live Lounge Review

Sunday 12th September 2021

This venue promised to be a real grass roots hidden gem for original artists like us who always struggle to find gigs.

We were really looking forward to playing here, but as the date grew closer – something didn’t feel right!

We had heard on various social media links that the venue had not been paying the artists regularly for months and it looked like we may have to pull the gig. Waking Day had not played many gigs at this point and we took a group decision to play anyway – for the sheer love of performing if nothing else. Some payment would then be a bonus I guess?

Anyway, the venue itself is pretty cool. The stage setup had plenty of room without the band being lost and the in-house P.A. system was more than adequate (after a couple of minor arguments with the sound engineer).

The band played a fantastic, energetic set with the full-house audience really getting into the music and even joining in with the chants to “True Blued & Tattooed” and the overhead hand claps to “Candy Houses”. Overall a really great gig – only marred by the fact that the venue owner Ozzie has refused to pay us and many others for our services.